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Preparing project

Project Proposal Card for the upcoming international project

Project Proposal Card for the upcoming international project

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The basic structure of the project cycle:

Describe the main idea of ​​the project, define the problem area to which the project responds. Needs defining based on an analysis of the current situation (e.g. SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats/risks)
Define the goals so that they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. Specific target groups for which the project will benefit are related to the project objectives.
What activities need to be carried out to achieve the goals. Activities must be planned according to the time schedule. Describe which activities the SAS Institute will carry out.
Cost items (personnel, material, technical, travel and others) according to the defined activities. Define the personnel capacities of the SAS necessary for the project implementation and calculate the SAS budget /total project budget.
What will be the outputs and results of the project? What specifically will be implemented, established, produced, published, put into practice. What qualitative and quantitative values ​​will be changed? Quantify planned measurable indicators. An important evaluation criterion of the project is what will be the overall impact, the sustainability of the results after the end of the project.